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Cyber Security Project Management and Implementation Services

Too often security tools are merely installed and dropped on an organization. Their theoretical usage is totally divorced from organization operations. The unique cross cutting deployment footprint of many security initiatives means that a disciplined methodical approach is necessary to ensuring that all stakeholders needs are represented and high operational readiness is achieved. To that end, ESR's holistic approach seeks to provide the disciplines necessary for successful transition of new cyber capabilities into organization.

Project Management

ESR provides strong project managers with the depth of experience and confidence to lead multi-disciplined teams with strategy, planning, risk management, communication support, and overall project coordination. ESR's project managers maintain today's more useful and current certifications including PMP's, SCRUM Master , and more.


ESR provides strong technical architects with diverse technical backgrounds. Cyber security tools can have massive footprints and consequently huge operational effect. It is essential for major cyber security projects to develop methodical IT specifications, models and guidelines that follow enterprise standards. Installing a tool which is incapable of meeting current needs or dynamically evolving with the organization and the threat is unfortunately all too common. Thoughtfully designed cyber security capabilities require organizations to pay attention and dedicate some time paying attention to the data and process both manual and automated. ESR and our own staff architects have decades of experience providing this expertise.

Modeling and Requirements

ESR provides strong business and data analysts to organizations. Cybersecurity tools generally span organizations and generally have the unfortunate profile of not increasing traditional end-user functionality. Consequently, strong attention must be paid to identifying stakeholders and ensuring that their needs are represented. This step is essential, not only identification of necessary functionality but also for achieving buy in with all stakeholders. In fact, defining security use cases is where the design hits operations. Ensuring that you can trace from specific security use case functionality to specific design components validates design and goes a long way to ensuring that your organization is realizing a capability not installing a tool


ESR provides top-notch SMEs , developers, integrators , and administrators to organizations. Unlike traditional software application development, cybersecurity capability implementation does not generally produce thousands and thousands of lines of code. However, all the traditional practices of quality software development are present. Including configuration management, testing, deployment, and development. Generally, we find ourselves writing more smaller integrations and tools. The profile of implementation that takes place during the implementation of cyber projects generally initially lends itself to an agile approach, which obviously turns to DevOps as the security capability becomes operational.

Transition and Change Management Services

Enterprise Solutions Realized knows how to transition Cyber capabilities into a large organization. ESR has over a decade of helping federal agencies REALIZE ENTERPRISE wide mission critical SOLUTIONS. Developing wholistic, thoughtful, mission driven transition management plans that correspond with an iterative change management strategy is a necessity.

ESR works with the cybersecurity organization and the mission organizations that they serve to ensure that as new cyber capabilities are brought on line there is as little no service disruption to delivery of the mission.

A large portion of transition management should be a leveling the as-is process to the to-be process including training, financial, management, and or staffing. The output of this leveling should be "gaps" that are tracked and managed to ensure they are closed.

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